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A lot is going on in the Bulldog world. We welcome any news events, stories, or photos that you might want to share.

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Go Bulldogs!
10/22/13 - Here's an interesting article that appeared on the DISD website in October 2013.   Sent by Danny Linn, Class of '64.


12/27/2012 From Danny Linn '64 -

Kudos to whoever is responsible for getting the Finial put back on top of NDHS. It's been down for many years. I never paid much attention to it until it went missing, but I'm pleased to see now that it is actually the head of an Eagle. I've attached a few photos that you may want to post to the "Bull Dog Bull" section of the web site so that everyone can see that the school has once again been topped out. Best wishes to everyone for the coming year.






After being stored away for many years the Sanger Trophy was placed in a display case in the Old Red Museum of Dallas County History & Culture on March 10, 2012, Also inside the case is a  plaque with the names of some of the most influential and exemplary alumnin from NDHS. The names on the plaque are:

Frederick"Tex" Avery '26       Hon. Fred Crowley '41
Hon. Earle Campbell '26           Hon. Barefoot Sanders '42
Field Scovell '26                       Robert Dedman '44
Robert B. Cullum '28                 Dr. Rose-Mary Brau Rumbley '49
Forest R. Biard '30                    Sir Colin S. Brady '61
Hon. Roy Huffington '32            James Dickman '67  



Some 175 people attended including 3 members of the Sanger family and 8 Bulldogs:
Claude Brewer '47, Rose-Mary Brau Rumbley '49, Sheri Coleman Manning '63, Frank Meier '55, Michael Lemmon '68, Sir Colin Brady '61, Lydia Delgado Simpson '61 and Gary Pina '74.



SangerTrophy Honored Recipients Rose-Mary Brau Rumbley '49 and Sir Colin Brady '61


6/28/12 - ALUMNI LUNCHEON - Mark you calendars for September 29, 2012. The luncheon will be held at the Brookhaven Country Club, 3333 Gilfing Green Drive. Registration begins at 11:00AM and the cost is $20 per person. Come celebrate the 90th Anniversary of NDHS

6/27/12 - ALUMNI DIRECTORY - A new Alumni Directory is in the making. The Deadline for getting the correct information to us was February. Please get your information to us as soon as possible.

12/7/09 - The new sidewalks and 1920's era lighting  has gone up on the McKinney and Cole Ave. sides of the school.  The lighting and new sidewalks are a nice addition to the school campus.  The new Baseball backstop and dugout can also be seen in this photo.  - From Danny Linn '64 

10/18/09 -  Hey mighty Bulldogs,This week is Homecoming at North Dallas High School. We need everybody, including alumni, friends, neighbors, faculty and students, to attend the game against the Adamson Leopards at 7:30 p.m. Friday, Oct. 23, at Loos Stadium, 3815 Spring Valley Road in Addison. (Two miles north of I-635 between Midway Road and Marsh Lane.)We would like to create a sea of white and orange unity in the stands, so wear your orange or white T-shirts. Let's give Adamson a big dose of Bulldogs spirit.North Dallas is in the midst of a five-game losing streak. Let’s show our support and help them beat Adamson by filling the bleachers.Spread the word! Wear orange or white!  - From Gary Pina '74 

See you at the game! Go Bulldogs!








Thanks to the North Dallas teacher who extended his thanks and that of his fellow teachers for the teacher supply project.  It was a great pleasure to be able to assist the North Dallas teachers in this small way.  They do so much for the students of "our" school, yet get so little recognition.  I hope that the supplies represented more than just a few boxes of paperclips and markers. I hope it said, "You are appreciated!" 

Many people contributed their money, their shopping skills in finding bargains, purchasing them and bringing them to me. Every day I came home I found another surprise on my porch: more supplies!  I love school supplies so it felt like Christmas. 

Special thanks go out to the ND alumni who helped put the 155 bags together and then helped deliver them on Monday, August 17.  Without them, well...I don't want to even consider that.  They were: Ruby Pruitt Schumacher (Class of 64), her husband, Richard, Mike Lemmon (Class of 68), Judy Evans Moseley (Class of 65), Rhonda Pou (Class of 65) and Joan Adams (Class of 1966).

Arlene Colbert


I just wanted to thank all the North Dallas Alumni who contributed to the supplies every one of the teachers received this week.  Thank you very much!  Your efforts are appreciated. 
I am especially pleased that we have such a strong Alumni organization here at North Dallas.  Sending the faculty these supplies is most kind of you.  Again, thanks for ALL that you do!
Gordon Markley
Business Education Teacher
North Dallas High School
To all the NDHS Alumni,
Thanks should be extended to Arlene Colbert, class of 1964, for the teachers supplies.  This is a program that she heads up and she should be given complete credit for it. She is a Bulldog and an Alum, but she is the one that should be congratulated.

We appreciate that the Alumni Association is being thanked but Arlene is the Star for this program.


Claude Brewer

GNDHS President

Heather Rooth
Algebra Teacher at North Dallas High School


10/5/08 - NDHS MATH TEACHER - Heather Rooth
I'm not sure if the attached might be something you would want to post to the web site, but it is interesting that a teacher from North Dallas High School was featured in the Fall 2008 "North Texan" from the University of North Texas.  The featured story is about Heather Rooth (UNT '07) who is now a math teacher at North Dallas High School.  She was the recipient of the Robert Noyce - National Science Foundation Scholarship Award while at UNT.  Ms. Rooth says, “as an Algebra teacher at North Dallas High School I am helping to ensure that students learn the math skills necessary to succeed in today’s technology-driven workforce”.   From - Danny Linn Class of '64

The South Central Jurisdictional Conference of the United Methodist Church met in Dallas at the Anatole hotel July 16-19, 2008. The Jurisdiction is made of eight states and a portion of a ninth and the main function of the conference was to elect and place bishops.
The Hospitality Committee of the SCJC Steering Committee would like convey to North Dallas High School just how much we appreciate their ROTC Department. They loaned us their wonderful array of International Flags. The flags decorated our "The World is our Parish" banquet on the Friday night of the conference. Without this generous loan of the flags we would have been hard pressed to decorate the large ballroom to reflect a truly international theme. We want to pass on the many compliments we received on the flags.
Betty Self and Ida Wright - Banquet Chairs
Carmen Garza Emery, Class of 1964


From Danny Linn (64) - After many months of encouragement by the North Dallas High School Alumni Association, new Tiffany light fixtures and ND orange stage curtains have been installed by the DISD in the North Dallas High School Auditorium. 




5/9/09 - NEW BANNERS
 From Danny Linn '64 - The North Dallas High School Alumni Association installed Alma Mater and Fight Song Banners in the school auditorium during Texas Teachers Appreciation Week, May 4-8, 2009, to help promote school spirit and pride among current students, teachers and alumni.